Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims 992 Table Calculator

Permanent Partial Disability Benefit Calculator - 1996 Through 2024

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Abbreviation Descriptions

  • RWSW=Return to Work-Same Wage
  • PCSJ=Physical Capable-Same Job
  • SAWW=State Average Weekly Wage
  • EAWW=Employee Average Weekly Wage
  • HB=House Bill
  • PPD=Permanent Partial Disability
  • AMA=American Medical Association


  • House Bill 1 from 1996 applies to injury dates between 12/12/1996 and 07/14/2000
  • House Bill 992 from 2000 applies to injury dates between 7/15/2000 and 7/13/2018
  • House Bill 2 from 2018 applies to injury dates of 7/14/2018 or later.

PPD Disclaimer

Calculations contained herein are not exact - only estimates of values.

This calculator cannot be used to calculate lump sum or total weekly benefit values for claims subject to the limitation in KRS 342.730(4).

Calculations will not reflect application of Tier-Down if in effect.